1. Check-in time after midday. To 16.00 hrs. 11.00 the following day.

2. The formalities associated with a report, food and cost of your stay fee - made on arrival

3. Guests are required to comply with the curfew so as not to disturb other campers.

4. In case of cancellation of the booked stay (late arrival, Early departure) fees shall not be reduced or refunded.

5. Centre for items lost during their stay on holiday does not take any responsibility.

6. Burning fire (per tree 40.00zł) and barbecue (please burn only coal purchased by the customer) are held only
    in designated areas.

7. Being dogs on the property by prior arrangement is permitted only with muzzle and leash, litter clean up
    the owner of the animal.

8. The resort was set free not guarded Parking. Cars must be parked close together.

9. The cottages and rooms are non- smoking.

10. The resort's babysitting responsible parents.

11. Cleaning products on their own.

12. Residents of houses and rooms are required to:
    • maintain order and cleanliness in the occupied areas,
    • the use of the resort facilities in a manner that causes no damage,
    • burning in the fireplace , open the damper , and then ignited fire shut it down (furnace can fill only 1/3 volume).

13. For any damage Guests assume full financial responsibility.

14. On all issues not regulated determined by the owner of the resort.

15. The sauna is charged 20,00zł/person.