Welcome to our center
in Szczawnica
We arrange for groups stay.
We offer homemade meals - breakfast and dinner.
Organize feasts in the room by the fireplace,
in the shelter with grill and smokehouse
and in the second hut at the fire grate.
We provide room for training and conferences.
We organize things at any time of the year.
Invoices, price includes VAT.

Attraction for group:
Hiking - Homole Gorge, High,
White Water or ridges of the High Palenica
to Jaworki, Sokolica, Three Crowns and many other routes.
Bike tours - bike routes.
Dunajec River Rafting with boatmen.
Rafting - pontoons with full service and equipment
the vest.
Competitions Rope - Rope Bridge, Tyrolean, reunions
ropes and climbing.
Firing positions.
Simulated rescue.
Ride in carriages or winter sleigh ride with torches
completed a campfire with highlander.
The evening feasts in booths or in the room next to the fireplace.
Please note that we offer is an example of a proposal that at your request can be tailored to your needs.