In the season
Cottage 6-8 people - PLN 350 per night.
Double room - PLN 100.00 per night.
A four person room - PLN 130.00 per night.
Breakfast (buffet) PLN 20.00 per person
Half board PLN 25.00 per person

During the Christmas period
Cottage 6-8 people - 400 PLN per night.
Double room - PLN 130.00 per night.
A 4-person room - PLN 160.00 per night.
Breakfast (buffet) PLN 25.00 per person
Half board PLN 40.00 per person
Christmas Eve PLN 65.00 per person.

Home meals
Every day fresh, traditional recipes,
products from your own pantry and smokehouse.
A large selection of meat and fish dishes,
vegetarian from the restaurant card.

Off season
Cottage for 4 people - PLN 200.00 per night.
A cottage for 5 - 8 people - 250 PLN per night.
Double room - PLN 80.00 per night.
A 4 person room - 110 PLN per night.
The above prices may change in the case of special events.
We invite you to the Events calendar section,
where the price list of the stay is presented.
The price includes all fees related to accommodation.
Does not include a tourist tax.

In off-season periods from March 1 to April 20
and 1 November to 20 December, 6-day stays
at a price of PLN 400.00 / person (accommodation + food).
The day begins with dinner
and ends with breakfast.
Promotion does not affect holiday periods.
A price list applies during holiday periods
given in the events calendar.